Holiday 2020 Gifts for your Harry Potter Obsessed Crafting Friends

Holiday 2020 Gifts for your Harry Potter Obsessed Crafting Friends

I was surprised by how much response I got on a Facebook group when I shared a photo of the Harry Potter sewing boxes, so I put together this quick rundown of the new HP themed crafting and planning supplies that are available for the holidays in 2020.


Harry Potter Sewing Boxes

These adorable sewing boxes have a plastic compartment tray, pocket, and storage area. The Deathly Hallows and Daily Prophet boxes are

10.25" x 5.9" x7  7.25" and run $49.99. The 

Kawaii box is slightly smaller, measuring 8" x 4.3" x 8" and is $39.99.


Hogwarts House Scissors

Measuring at 6", these scissors work for just about anything, from sewing to paper crafts. Available in each of the houses, plus a Quidditch theme. The front has the House name, the back has the graphic, and the handle of the scissors have the house mascot.  Each pair comes with a leather sheath, and costs $9.99.


Hogwarts House Measuring Tapes

These pocket measuring tapes are perfect for just about everything you need to do in your craft or sewing room. They measure up to 60 inches in length, and are priced at $7.59.

Hogwarts House Travel Sewing Kits

Perfect for stitching up those robes on the go! Sewing kit contains one measuring tape, one pair of embroidery scissors, three sewing needles, one seam ripper, four metal sew-on snaps, four 4-hole plastic buttons, six straight pins, six safety pins, one needle threader and one card of thread in 13 colors. The case measure 2.75" x4.75" inch case. Cost is $12.99

Hogwarts House Tool Case

This zipper case is the perfect size to hold weeding tools, crochet hooks, and other small tools. The case measures 8"x 4" and all have the Hogwarts interior except the Deathly Hallows, which has a plain black interior. Each is $12.99

Harry Potter and Quidditch Quilt Rulers

This ruler is perfect for your quilting projects! Ideal for cutting strips, squares, rectangles and triangles. This package contains one 12x8 inch patchwork ruler. $19.99 each.

Harry Potter Planners

Organize all your year of crafting with these undated yearly planners. Several styles are available, including a Kawaii set and a set with the Mauraders map. Prices run $14.99 for the Kawaii set, and $19.99 for the larger sets. Also available are additional journal sticker sets and washi tape sets.

We'll be placing orders periodically, as these aren't items we normally carry in our retail store. If you'd like to place an order just send us an email or reach out via our Facebook page!


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