At Eco-Friendly Crafts, our mission is to bring you sustainably sourced crafting supplies, so you can create the art you want and help preserve our environment at the same time. Too many modern art supplies use toxic materials, so we provide a safer alternative that’s just as effective for your creations.  

Our commitment doesn’t end at our supplies, however, as even our shipping materials are eco-friendly. We searched diligently for environmentally friendly alternatives to standard bags, and we found the best. We’re proud to use poly mailer bags from EcoEnclose that are made from 100% post consumer recycled materials and can even be reused themselves. Take some time to learn about these remarkable poly mailer bags.


Recycled Material


Many of our products are made of recycled material, so why wouldn’t we extend that same standard to our shipping materials? These poly mailer bags are made of 100 percent post consumer recycled material. Instead of contributing to the plastic waste, they are very much a product of it. They’re all sourced and made in the USA as well. We’re always happy to support our local economy, but we’re more happy about not using products manufactured in places with less than satisfactory labor standards, to put it lightly.


Recycled material doesn’t mean weak material. While these bags may not hold up against sharp metals, they’re more than sufficient for fabrics and other crafting supplies. Feel free to compare them to virgin plastic bags. You’re sure to find they’ll hold up just as well as, if not better than, your average poly mailer


The best part about these poly mailer bags is that they’re reusable. After you receive your shipment of Eco-Friendly Crafts products, you can reuse the mailer bag for whatever you want. Each bag contains a second adhesive strip, so don’t hesitate to use it for your own shipping needs. There will even be a friendly reminder of this on the bag.

After the second use of the bag, it’ll be time to recycle it. Fortunately, recycling these bags is easy. Just head to your local grocery or department store, and you’ll probably find some recycle bins for plastic grocery bags, and those work just as well for these mailer bags. Curbside pickup and drop-off recycling facilities may also be available in your area for recycling plastic bags.

Poly Mailer Bags With Eco-Friendly Crafts

Every time one of our products is delivered to you, it’ll come in one of these amazing poly mailer bags by EcoEnclose, or a recycled shipping box if a bag isn't appropriate. Don’t forget to use these bags and boxes a second time after delivery. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions or want to learn more!