Patchwork and Quilting Needles for Felt

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Patchwork and Quilting Needles for Felt

Working with felt requires sturdy, heavy-gauge needles with the ability to glide through fabric that is quite dense and tough. Normal needles have a tendency to break when they strike the interlocked wool fabrics that create this sturdy fabric. This can make quilting quite a frustrating prospect if you don’t have the right tools. That’s why we offer these patchwork and quilting needles by Bohin Chenille that are designed specifically for working with felt. These needles come in a pack of six, and feature a high polish to facilitate smooth gliding through the fabric and to minimize bending and breaking.

They are exceptionally sharp with a very fine point to minimize the appearance of holes in the fabric, and the eyes are polished using a special process that also minimizes thread breakage.

Product Specifications:

  • Sturdy construction to minimize bending and breakage
  • High polish for easy glide through fabric
  • Polished eyes to prevent thread breaking
  • Exceptionally sharp Fine point minimizes holes Pack of 6

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