June 24th is National Upcycling Day. Whether you choose to recycle, upcycle or repurpose, get in touch with your creative side by turning something old into something fresh, new, functional and beautiful.

For this year’s National Upcycling Day, we’re taking the upcycled crafts outside, so you can add some style and interest to your garden. Gather up your craft supplies and dig through your forgotten treasures to create these upcycled crafts and garden accents.


Make Beaded Frost Luminaries

Beaded frost luminaries are easy to make and give your garden or outdoor area beautiful, soft light and a touch of color and ambiance. They’re the perfect addition to your garden, and since they’re made from recycled jars, they’re the perfect craft for National Upcycling Day.



Instructions credit: Crafts by Amanda.

Make Recycled Key Garden Markers

Eliminating plastic is one of the goals of the environmental movement, which includes those little plastic markers commonly found in herb gardens. Nearly everyone has old keys lying around, which can be repurposed into cute garden markers with a little bit of creativity.



Instructions credit: Crafts by Amanda.

Decoupage Clay Pots with Seed Packets

The seed packets from flower and vegetable seeds are often thrown out, but this is a great way to repurpose them for a beautiful, unique addition to your home or garden. All you need are some clay pots, decoupage and color-coordinated, empty seed packets to create fun planters for your gardens.


Instructions credit: Crafts by Amanda.

Make a Decorative Watering Can that Pours Crystals

A lot of older items or thrift store goods can be repurposed into beautiful garden decorations. This whimsical watering can decoration uses an old watering can and some chandelier crystals, which can easily be found at a vintage store or thrift shop. It’s also easy to make and looks gorgeous in a sunlit garden.


Instructions credit: Crafts by Amanda.

Recycled Rubber Boot Flower Pot

Rubber gardening boots take a beating, and something as simple as a small hole or gash is enough to make them useless. This flower pot craft puts them to good use, however, and gives your outdoor space some visual interest. If you have colorful or patterned boots, all the better, but you could have a little fun painting designs on your boots to show off your unique style.



Instructions credit: Felt Magnet.

Repurposed Garden Arbor

Garden arbors can be used to decorate your garden or to divide the space with a classic touch, but they can be expensive to buy. Fortunately, beautiful garden arbors can be made from found materials, including old doors, window frames, gates and twigs or branches, which gives you a unique, upcycled addition to your backyard.



Instructions credit: Flea Market Gardening.

Pallet Wood Hose-Holder with Planter

A disorganized hose can ruin the look of your backyard or garden, but this DIY pallet wood hose-holder with planter is a beautiful, functional way to keep it tucked away. Wood pallets are easy to find and cheap, but they have a clean, elegant look for this project. If you’re the handy type, you may even have most of the woodworking supplies around as well.



Instructions credit: DIY Candy.

Mason Jar Solar Lights

Outdoor lighting in spring and summer presents a few challenges. Torches can attract insects, but electric lighting is expensive and uses unnecessary energy. These mason jar solar lights are perfect for lighting your garden or patio, only using the energy they absorb from the sun during the day, and they’re an excellent use for those old mason jars you have lying around.



Instructions credit: Garden Therapy.

DIY Garden Mushrooms

These adorable garden mushroom decorations are a quirky and fun addition to your garden, plus they can be made from materials found at thrift stores or old terra cotta pots and drain plates. The color and design options are endless as well, but be sure to find eco-friendly spray paint and outdoor sealant to keep it “green.”



Instructions credit: Birds and Blooms.

Nature Suncatcher Wind Chimes

Made from the rings of mason jar lids, string and twigs, fallen leaves and pick-able blooms found in nature, these suncatcher wind chimes are a beautiful, eco-friendly outdoor decoration and the perfect upcycled craft for the whole family.



Instructions credit: Hands On As We Grow.

Shoe-Organizer Herb Garden

Herb gardens are fun to tend to and give you access to all the fresh herbs you need, but if you live in an apartment or condo, it can be difficult to find the space to grow your own herb garden. Fortunately, an old shoe organizer and a railing with sun exposure are all you need to start your own collection of different herbs.



Instructions credit: Lifehacker.

Dresser Drawer Garden Project

Old dressers, cabinets or drawers can be upcycled into interesting, functional garden projects that put a unique spin on your outdoor space. You could even mix and match usable pieces from furniture that’s in poor condition for a more eclectic look.



Instructions credit: Flea Market Gardening.

Upcycled Bicycle Planters

Old, rusty bicycles or old-fashioned bicycles sitting in your garage can give your garden character and visual interest, especially if you add some planters, baskets or old garden signs and paint the bicycle in colors that match your outdoor décor. Upcycling old bicycles is also a great way to preserve your children’s old bicycles or family heirlooms.



Instructions credit: Upcycled Wonders.

Garden Hose Outdoor Mat

Garden hoses are easily damaged, often leading to leaks or weak areas that make them impossible to use as intended. Instead of throwing these old hoses away, turn them into an aesthetically-pleasing, waterproof, non-slip outdoor mat using a few zip ties. If you have a few hoses of different colors, you can create a patterned effect.



Instructions credit: Home Crux.

Gardens provide the perfect opportunity to take old furniture and home decor and turn it into something unique and interesting for your outdoor garden. Let these upcycled crafts inspire you to give your old “junk” some new life in your backyard, while also doing your part for the environment. Don’t forget to check out our full collection of eco-friendly craft supplies and browse our other green project ideas!

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