About Us

At Eco-Friendly Crafts, it is our mission to help artists and families find safe, earth-friendly alternatives to popular art and craft supplies. We know that there is a wealth of information available on how to create eco-friendly crafts, but tracking down all of the individual raw materials can be a serious chore. We hope that you’ll find exactly what you are searching for with us, and find some inspiration to try something new, too!

We know that creative people would rather spend their time creating instead of researching, so we spend our time keeping up with industry trends and popular crafts to focus our search for the safest and most earth-friendly supplies available. As better products become available, we update our recommendations and product catalog.

When you know that your craft materials are sourced specifically from the most earth-friendly suppliers with a focus on safety, sustainability, and renewability, it means you can focus more of your time on doing what you love.

Do you know of a product we need to carry, or do you want a safer option for a product you currently use? Send us a message, we’d love to try to help.