Independence Day is the best time for fireworks, cookouts and poolside gatherings, so why not enhance the experience with star-spangled decorations and patriotic crafts to truly get in the spirit of our nation’s birthday?

These DIY Fourth-of-July crafts and projects are eco-friendly, fun and simple to create, giving you a chance to bond with the kids and let them show off their creativity and patriotism at your Fourth-of-July party.

Tin Can Windsocks

These tin can windsocks are the perfect patriotic addition to your front porch or backyard, and as an added bonus, they can be created using recycled items from your home. Some large tin cans, ribbon and string are all you need, but be sure to substitute the metallic spray paint with an eco-friendly alternative.



Instructions credit: Craft E Maggee

“Uncle Sam” Centerpiece

Few centerpieces are bursting with patriotism more than this one, and the best part is it’s ridiculously inexpensive to create. In fact, you likely have a lot of the supplies lying around. To keep it eco-friendly, swap out the plastic hat for a similar version in felt and be sure to use non-toxic paint.



Instructions credit: 11 Magnolia Lane

Scrap Wood American Flag

If you’re looking for a way to reuse some old scrap wood, this American Flag craft is super easy and makes a beautiful, rustic addition to your patio or deck décor. The design is flexible as well, so you can put use your creativity to put a spin on the design and really make it your own.



Instructions credit: My Love 2 Create

DIY American Mason Jar Planters

For an understated backyard decoration, these adorable DIY mason jar planters add just enough red, white and blue with the practical purpose of planting succulents or other low-maintenance plants. Just swap the spray paint for a green alternative and you’re good to go. Bonus — these can also be used as utensil holders for your party!



Instructions credit: Grace and Good Eats

Recycled Soup Can Mobile

This patriotic mobile is made from entirely recycled materials and is a classy way to decorate your outdoor space for the Fourth of July. Add some ribbon, fabric or beads to customize it, and use your imagination to create designs that are unique to you.



Instructions credit: Crafts for All Seasons

Fourth-of-July Bean Bag Toss

No backyard party is complete without a few games, so have a little carnival fun with this Fourth-of-July bean bag toss. To make it a little more fun, consider decorating your board with a fireworks design and use felt squares to complete the fireworks theme. Be sure to keep it all green with non-toxic paint and glue.



Instructions credit: Lifehacker

Patriotic Rag Wreath

If you have old denim, white burlap or fabric and a red gingham or plaid print, this rag wreath is a simple, gorgeous way to recycle the material and give your home some rustic flair. If you prefer, you can also use colored wool or felt for a different look. Other than the fabric, all you need is a wire hanger.



Instructions credit: Not Just Brides

Fourth-of-July Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are a fun craft for kids, but this version puts a star-spangled spin on the classic. These are simple, cheap and quick to make, so you’ll have no trouble making a bunch to decorate your outdoor space.



Instructions credit: The Crafting Chicks

Scrap Fabric Patriotic Pennants

These pennants are the perfect way to reuse your old denim and scrap fabric for a country-inspired decoration that can be used for years to come. Use your own creativity to come up with cute, patriotic designs for each one to keep them unique and feel free to add any other adornments you wish.



Instructions credit: Duct Tape and Denim

Recycled Fireworks Craft

No collection of Fourth-of-July crafts is complete without fireworks. These cute “USA” letters allow kids to show their patriotic spirit with recycled materials, such as paper plates and toilet paper rolls, without the loud noises or hazardous sparks.



Instructions credit: Momtastic

Recycled Bottle Ring Toss Game

Ring toss is a classic backyard game and you can make your own patriotic-themed ring toss with a few recycled bottles and paint. Stick with red, white and blue, or paint some fun fireworks or stars on the bottles to make them more interesting. Old party bracelets or the metal rings from mason jar lids make perfect rings as well.



Instructions credit: Fantastic Fun and Learning

Fourth-of-July Pinwheel Hair Clips

Help your girls join in the festivities with these adorable red, white and blue pinwheel hair clips made from colored felt. These are easy and inexpensive to make and are the perfect addition to their patriotic outfit.



Instructions credit: Eighteen25

Patriotic Tic-Tac-Toe

This Fourth-of-July craft project has a mix of outdoor fun, recycled/found objects and crafting, which makes it an excellent choice for young children. Instead of using a stump as your tic-tac-toe board, use a piece of old wood and let the kids go to town painting their stars-and-stripes rocks.



Instructions credit: 1915House

American Flag Tee Shirt

If you need a last-minute Fourth-of-July outfit for the kids, this painted tee shirt is the ideal choice. This versatile craft not only uses your child’s handprint, which will help them get a little messy and involved in the craft, but it also makes for a cute outfit.



Instructions credit: PureJoyHome

With all these awesome Fourth-of-July crafts, you should have no problem showing your patriotic spirit and decking out your home in red, white and blue. Try out some of these ideas or let them inspire you to create something all your own, and don’t forget to check out our full collection of eco-friendly craft supplies to get ready for the upcoming holiday!

Which of these crafts are you using to show off your spirit? Tag us on Instagram @ecofriendlycrafting so we can see!


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