Houseplants can really enhance an interior space, especially in smaller homes or apartments. They create a cozy, colorful space, and on top of that, they’re also inexpensive. A mixture of floor and table plants certainly help, but if you really want to add texture to a room, hanging plants are the way to go.

Learn how to make these 10 ridiculously simple macramé plant hangers to add some warmth and ambiance to your living space.

What is Macrame?

Coming from the French word that means “knot,” macramé is the art of tying decorative knots. Because this technique doesn’t require tools of any kind, just your hands, macramé is easy and inexpensive to learn, but you can create some incredible designs as you learn.

Macramé traces back to 2300 B.C. and was commonly practiced by the ancient Assyrians and Persians. It was brought to Europe by Arabs, then to the Americas and finally, it found its way to the Caribbean, where the native people used the technique to create hammocks and other décor.


Fortunately, macramé is one of the few crafts that doesn’t require a lot of expensive supplies or tools to get started. All you really need is the rope, though you may need to get metal hanging rings or dowels, beads or other small embellishments, depending on the project.

Cotton cord is commonly used for macramé, though many people also use twine, fabric or other rope with interesting textures.

It’s also helpful to have a rolling rack, or something similar, to hang your project on while you work. This isn’t necessary, but it’s helpful when making longer macramé projects.

You’ll need a tape measure to estimate the length of cord you need to start. This takes a little practice to get the hang of, unless you use a premade pattern that tells you exactly how much cord you need. Otherwise, you can begin with longer cord and see where you end up, which will enhance your creativity and make for an interesting final piece.

A plant hanger gauge is another helpful tool to have. The gauge will help you ensure that the spacing between your knots is exact, which will give you a professional, consistent finish.

Types of Macrame Knots

Basic macramé uses several different knots, including the square knot and half knot, which can be used to create different patterns or borders. Though the basic knots are all you need to begin, there are over fifty types of knots in macramé, including the Indian braid, diagonal, zigzag, overhand knot, double braid, chevron, infinity knot, single braid and many more.

So many knots can be intimidating as a beginner, so just focus on learning the basic knots at first. Over time, you’ll find that you can add more and more knot types and techniques to create your own unique designs.

Here is a tutorial of the five essential knots to learn:

Instructions credit: A Designer at Home

Once you master the basics, you can incorporate the more advanced knot techniques into your projects. If you find yourself struggling with a particular knot, YouTube macramé knot tutorials are a great way to learn.

Let’s take a look at some of these fun macramé plant hangers.

1. Mini Macramé Plant Hangers

If you’re short on space, mini plant hangers are a great option. The elaborate designs are surprisingly simple to create and give you the option for two small plants in mini mason jars to hang on the wall. The kit includes the macramé cord, a natural wood ring for hanging, and full instructions to complete the knotwork. When finished, the hangers measure approximately 2.5 inches by 20 inches and hold a 4-inch mason jar.

Get your kit here

2. Macramé Hanging Basket Kit

For a natural-looking yet attractive macramé plant hanger, the Macramé Hanging Basket Kit is perfect. It comes with natural jute yarn in a rich cinnamon taupe color, ideal for any decor. The knots may look complicated, but the instructions are easy to follow to create a gorgeous hanging basket of your own.

Get your kit here.

3. Modern Plant Hanger

Simple Macrame Plant Hanger

Despite looking complex, the beautiful Macramé Modern Plant Hanger kit is suitable for beginners and creates a stunning plant hanger. Using this kit requires absolutely no previous skill — other than tying your shoes — and is perfect for a family craft night.

Get your kit here.

4. Designer Macramé Plant Hanger

If you prefer a little color for your macramé, the Designer Macramé Plant Hanger is the way to go. It comes with a beautiful white ceramic pot, soft pink polypropylene cord, beads, and instructions to make it yourself, so you can create a project that looks like you bought it at the store.

Get your kit here.

5. Braided Macramé Plant Hanger

This simple technique is great for beginners, but it still has an elegant look. Clothesline was used for this project, but you can use any cord that’s strong enough for your chosen plant pot.



Instructions credit: Lia Griffith

6. Recycled Shirt Macramé Plant Hanger

If you have an old shirt or dress you no longer wear but can’t bear to part with, this is the perfect way to give it new life. You can use any fabric you like, as long as you have enough for the project, and it has a beautiful, colorful result.



Instructions credit: Walk in Love

7. Simple Macramé Plant Holder

Even the more complex macramé designs are easier than they look, but this is a clean, simple macramé plant hanger that’s great for a beginner.



Instructions credit: Inspired to Share

8. Natural Macramé Plant Holder

These outdoor plant hangers work for both indoor and outdoor, but the heavy twine has a beautiful, rustic look that pairs perfectly with the greens.



Instructions credit: Farmhouse on Boone

9. Mason Jar Hanging Macramé Plant Holder

This gorgeous pattern incorporates traditional macramé wall hangings with the breezy appeal of free-hanging designs for a unique look – just add your mason jar planter.



Instructions credit: Why Don't You Make Me

10. Macramé Hanging Vase

Hanging plants are a rich addition to any space, but this delicate, macramé vase holder is a little softer and looks much more complicated than it actually is.



Instructions credit: Envatotuts+

11. Bohemian Brown Macramé Plant Hanger

This boho design uses medium and large beads for a little more visual appeal, along with braided or twisted cord for texture.



Instructions credit: This Year's Dozen

12. Vertical Macramé Plant Holder

Vertical plant hangers are a great way to make use of all your space, especially in a smaller room. They also have the added benefit of freeing up table and shelf space that usually holds small planters.



Instructions credit: Make It-Love It

13. Multi-colored Yarn Plant Hanger

There’s beauty in the simplicity of clean white rope, but if you prefer a little more fun in your home or garden, this multi-colored yarn plant hanger is perfect for you. The mix of colors in this design may look complicated, but it’s actually easy to make. The hardest part will be picking out your color combination.



Instructions credit: A Cultivated Nest

14. Beaded Plant Hanger

Using wooden or glass beads on your macramé plant hanger is simple, but it makes the overall project look much more complex and interesting. White cord and wooden beads have a clean, natural look, but don’t be afraid to pair colorful beads with ombre or multi-colored cord for a high-contrast, eye-catching look.



Instructions credit: Made in a Day

Any of these macramé projects are a great start to giving your home a warm, bohemian vibe, as well as some additional space. As you learn and grow with macramé, however, you may find yourself coming up with some incredible designs and patterns to personalize your living space.

Are you ready to try one of these macramé plant hangers? Tag us on Instagram @ecofriendlycrafting and show us your designs, and don’t forget to check out our macramé supplies!


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