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Sari Ribbon Project Tutorials

Available in every color you can dream of, silky texture, and fun fringe, what's not to love about upcycled sari ribbon? While it catches just about everyone's eye, a lot of people don't know what to do with it once they get it home. We've got you covered. Here are some basic sari ribbon tutorials to give your creativity a kickstart.

Sari Ribbon Jewelry

Because recycled sari ribbon pairs so well with jewel tones and copper, it is perfect for use in jewelry. We have a sari ribbon jewelry inspiration board here, but these simple tutorials will help you work through the basic techniques.

Wrapped Sari Ribbon Bracelets

Adding a bit of copper wire, beads or buttons can really give help make this simple bracelet uniquely you.



Wrapped Sari Ribbon Bangles

Step up the wrapping a notch with these adorable chunky bangle bracelets that add strings of seed beads to the mix.


 Sari Ribbon Earrings

For an elegant yet still boho accessory, give these long column dangle earrings a try.


Sari Ribbon Tassel Necklace

This tutorial is for a fabric tassel, but you can skip over the fabric cutting and go right to the assembly of the earring with our sari ribbon. Tassels have so many uses, once you get hooked you'll have them everywhere!


Recycled Sari Ribbon Crafts 

Our recycled sari ribbon has so many possibilities, they certainly don't end with jewelry! You can see our inspiration board for sari ribbon crafts here.  These tutorials were some of the most useful we found.

Fabric Made From Sari Ribbon

This isn't a quick project, but the results are stunning, and the possibilities endless once you have a sheet of this gorgeous fabric to work with.


Sari Ribbon Weaving Tutorial

These book covers are too cute, but there's a lot more you could do with woven sari ribbon fabric!

Knit Sari Silk Scarf

Want to make something beautiful but limited on time? This sari silk knitting pattern takes less than an hour to make!


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