3.75 Mesh Graph-n-Latch Rug Canvas

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24” x 30”
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Product Information

Our Zweigart rug canvas with 3.75 count mesh is made from 100% cotton and is an outstanding choice for any rug hooking or similar craft project you’ve got on deck. It has a blue grid that’s perfect for guiding your locker hooking and latch hooking projects, and it’s an interlock twist. Whether you’re making an area rug, a mat or runner, basket, pillow, tote bag or any other latch hook or locker hook project, it’s the perfect choice to replace the discontinued MCG Textiles rug canvas.

Like all of our products, it’s entirely eco-friendly and all-natural, so you can be as crafty as you like while doing your part for the environment.

Choose your canvas mesh size and get started on your next craft project today!

Product Specifications:

  • 3.75 ct. mesh cotton fiber canvas

  • 100% cotton

  • Eco-friendly

  • Blue Grid for latch hook or locker hook

  • Interlock twist Rugs, mats, runners, baskets, pillows, totes

  • Sold in 36”x60”, 72”x60”, and 36”x20” sizes

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