#38 Gauge Star-Point Felting Needles - 4 Pack

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Felting needles are the requisite hand tool to undertake felting projects. Felting is the art and craft of making felt from wool. Wool fibers have scales which when properly caught and rubbed together tend to catch and lock. This makes two pieces of wool into a single piece of fabric (felt) which is much denser, thicker, heavier and tougher. There are different kinds and gauges of felting needles. All are extremely sharp and feature barbs near the tip, which are used to catch the fibers and join them together. #38 gauge needles are some of the most popular sizes there are, and star point needles are preferred by many expert felting craftspeople. They work more slowly than triangle point needles, but allow for much finer detail and a sturdier fabric in the end.

Product Specifications: Star-point felting needles

Pack of 4 Sturdy for long-lasting use

#38 gauge size

Exceptionally sharp

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