Large Mandala Dotting Tools (size 17-28)

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Product Information

These 6 large double sided dotting tools are great for canvases and larger items to dot. Diameter of the tools range from 8.5mm to 15mm which create 28 dot sizes to create dots up to 18mm.These tools create 12 different dots, ranging from 11mm to 18mm. They are a continuation in size of the Mandala Dotting tools (size 1-16).

High Quality: Designed and manufactured in BC, Canada, these are designed specifically for Mandala designs and dot art. The design of these tools allows users to create perfect crisp circles at a cleaner, faster rate.  
Users: Perfect for artists, skilled crafts and those with plenty of paint supplies!
Designed for everyone: These very light weighted tools fit perfectly into the hand, so they are suitable for those with arthritis, or with limited hand movements. No experience or practice is needed to use the tools or to create mandala designs. They have been used from schools to retirement homes.
Easy to clean: Simply wipe with a paper towel, after each use. For built up paint, simply dip into freshly boiled water for 10 seconds. Use a cream cleanser to remove any stains (use sparingly).
Paint: Use with acrylic fluid paint (not included) to create perfect round painted dots. (Please click on the design information in the navigation for more information)
Relaxing: When you create perfect dots, users can instantly enjoy the dotting experience. Benefits include increased relaxation, anxiety reducing, increased focus and unleashing your hidden creativity

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