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The only truly odorless mineral spirit on the market. You’ll be shocked at how little smell there is. This is a high-quality thinner and is a must-have if you’re sensitive to chemical odors. A petroleum based odorless high-grade mineral spirit – sometimes referred to as white spirit. Sold in Gallons only. Use this as a paint thinner or remover, to clean paint brushes or thin oil such as pure tung oil.



A high-grade odorless mineral solvent that can be used as a replacement for cheap paint thinners and other so-called odorless mineral spirits. Use to clean up or thin oil-based products. Use to thin paints, oil, tung oil, and varnish. Use to clean sticky oil residue.

Mineral spirits are a petroleum distillate offering an excellent way to tidy up after projects using oil-based paint and varnishes. This petroleum-based product is prized for cleaning brushes and other refinishing accessories and works a lot like turpentine but without the volatile compounds and pungent aroma. Real Milk Paint Co’s Odorless Mineral Spirits is highly filtered, ridding it of the toxic chemicals that create the pungent fumes.

While there may be cheaper alternatives on the market, none are as safe and effective as this phenomenal product. When your well-being is just as important as the outcome of your home improvement or paint project, there’s no better choice than Real Milk Paint’s Odorless Mineral Spirits.


  • Fast and Effective – Use odorless mineral spirits to quickly and efficiently remove oil paint from your brushes after you refinish a piece of furniture, varnish the deck, or de-greaser before you begin your project. Our formula is made to dry with residue free.
  • Odor Free – Our product is highly refined, removing many of the odor-causing additive typically present in other paint thinners. As a result, our odorless mineral spirits won’t give off any noxious smells, making this a safer option for you and your family.
  • High-Quality Formulation – We use quality ingredients manufactured to be as safe as possible. We don’t use benzenes so you don’t have to worry.
  • Great for Chemical-Sensitive Artists –We’ve taken great care to create a product that all our customers can use, including those that are sensitive to chemical contact. Our Odorless Mineral Spirits are already in use as part in some but not all Real Milk Paint wax, and we’ve gotten nothing but rave reviews.


Odorless Mineral spirits have a number of uses that make it a must-have addition to your collection of DIY and crafting tools.

Real Milk Paint Odorless Mineral Spirit are great for:

  • Thinning oil paint for use on small details, for blending purposes, or for projects when thicker paint might leave tell-tale brush strokes
  • Cleaning or degreasing machinery or other metal parts
  • Dissolving oils to create a fresh surface for painting, varnishing, or similar refinishing work
  • Cost effective thinner for Pure Tung Oil and Dark Tung Oil

To use your Odorless Mineral Spirits as an oil paint thinner, follow the ratio of thinner to paint recommended by the paint manufacturer. Odorless Mineral Spirits should be added slowly and mixed in thoroughly to prevent over thinning. Please note:  Odorless Mineral Spirits are not meant for use with water-based or latex paints nor should they be mixed with sealants such as lacquer or shellac.

To use your Odorless Mineral Spirits to prepare a piece of furniture or another project piece, first make sure the surface is free of dust or any other loose debris. Allow the surface to dry, then dip a clean rag in the low odor mineral spirits (you can pour some of the liquid into a separate container for more control) and rub a small amount on a hidden “test area.” This will allow you to double-check whether the item reacts to the spirits. Once you’re sure the coast is clear, clean the rest of the item using smooth, even strokes. Avoid excess rubbing or pressure, and switch out your rag if it begins to collect too much dirt and grime.

Odorless mineral spirits can also be use to thin Pure Tung Oil or Dark Tung Oil as a replacement for Citrus Solvent and Pine Solvent . All of the above solvents can be mixed interchangeably, however Odorless Mineral Spirits will have the lowest cost. Keep in mind though, using Odorless Mineral Spirits to thin the tung oils may make the mixture toxic and not food contact safe. We recommend the use of our Citrus Solvent, Half & Half, or Dark Half for any surfaces that will have food contact.

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