Triangle Point Felting Needles - #36

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The right tools are necessary for any crafting project, and when it comes to felting, these needles are the hand tools you’ll need to get the job done. Felting is the process of making felt, a composite material that’s created by binding the fibers from two pieces of wool into a new, denser and tougher fabric. Wool fibers are scaled, and when they are properly rubbed against each other, they catch and interlock, turning the wool into the new material. Felting needles are the tool required to help properly rub these fabrics together. They’re comprised of sturdy and super-sharp needles in varying gauges that have notched barbs near the bottom of the needle. #36-gauge needles are among the most popular sizes used for this process, and our needles are sturdy, long-lasting, and ideal for all of your craft felting projects. Product Specifications: Triangle point 4 needles per package #36 gauge Exceptionally sharp Sturdy and long lasting Long shank, narrow shaft

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